The best websites to look into houses on.

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Due to the creation of the internet nowadays is easier to find a house through different websites, you can save a lot of time between going into the actual house looking at it and spend it a whole day on it and having to make a decision, therefore we encourage buyers to look into these different website given by Clever which are.

1. Zillow
3. Clever Real Estate
4. Trulia
5. Redfin
7. HomeFinder
11. RealtyTrac
13. Craigslist
14. Facebook Marketplace
15. LandWatch
16. Neighborhood Scout
18. Niche
19. CityProtect

All of these hyperlinks will give you more information towards each website with a proper description, and how do they work and the different feature that they have.

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About me.


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Key aspects of a house before buying it.

when it comes to real estate there are key factors of a house, that you as person with their unique preference should get to know. Based on the HOMEIA website the key parts of a house are.

  1. The location of the house that you want to buy.
  2.  size of the house.
  3. number of bedrooms of set house.
  4.  number of bathrooms.
  5.  kitchen layout.
  6. the home appliances and their age.
  7. age of the house by its own.
  8. Price.
  9. Seller motivation to sell the house.
  10. its own maintenance(mostly its method of maintenance).

its important to remember that each individual have their own preference when it comes to the type of house that they want, some people might care about the house rooms more than the kitchen layout or even the numbers of bathrooms, therefore I encourage to look for yourself and look for your own preferences.


Housing prices across the states.

Cheapest real estate in the United States(By state).

The cheapest states where you can buy a house at the lowest cost can be found on a list by the website which are

  1. “Iowa: Median home price: $147,800; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $702
  2. Indiana: Median home price: $141,700; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $673.23
  3. Ohio: Median home price: $145,700; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $692.24
  4. Nebraska: Median home price: $155,800; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $740.22
  5. Kansas: Median home price: $151,900; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $721.70
  6. Mississippi: Median home price: $119,000; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $565.38
  7. West Virginia: Median home price: $119,600; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $568.23
  8. Oklahoma: Median home price: $136,800; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $649.95
  9. Michigan: Median home price: $154,900; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $735.95
  10. Arkansas: Median home price: $127,800; Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $607.19″
TIP: Is encourage to investigate further on official places where you can actually buy an specific house at a specific price, since location, features, services, crime rate and design are ones the key factors/aspects of a house, therefore we encourage buyer to look into those minor details.

My new and first website.

My new and first website.

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